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Even With a GOP Congress, Obama Could Still Defend American Workers. Here’s How.


President Obama isn't totally hamstrung in his ability to advocate for workers—if he chooses to stand up and fight. (Paul Weaver / Flickr)  

After the Republican mid-term election victories last November, labor unions and other worker advocates can expect virtually nothing but trouble from Congress over the next two years. With their ongoing attempts to undermine the National Labor Relations Board and the strong likelihood that they will bury any effort to increase the minimum wage, the Republicans’ grand plan calls for fewer rights and no pay increase for the working poor.

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Obama at Joint Base McGuire: ‘We stand united’


MCGUIRE AFB — President Barack Obama stood in front of a sea of U.S. troops here today and heralded the end of the war in  Afghanistan, commended America’s military for “leading the fight against terrorist groups” in places like Syria and Iraq, and announced his support of a new $1.1 trillion spending bill, passed by Congress last week.

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Cuomo to Ban Fracking in New York State, Citing Health Risks


ALBANY — The Cuomo administration announced Wednesday that it would ban hydraulic fracturing in New York State, ending years of uncertainty by concluding that the controversial method of extracting gas from deep underground could contaminate the state’s air and water and pose inestimable public-health risks.

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