300 Hitters

300 Hitters

Our .300 Hitters program was developed by the UBC to give our journeymen a broader understanding of our union, the construction industry and our membership’s role in shaping the future in the years ahead. This program is a once in a lifetime opportunity for members to tour our state-of-the-art International Training Center (ITC), meet other carpenters from all over the country, and most importantly, learn valuable skills they need to help build a stronger union.


General President Douglas McCarron set the goal of achieving 70% market share across North America, but what does that actually mean? In literal terms it means that union members and contractors will be performing the work on at least 70% of all current construction projects. It is a substantial goal to say the least, but it can absolutely be achieved by harnessing the potential of each and every member. One of the ways in which we will accomplish this is through the UBC’s Building Leadership for a Strong Future program, or as it’s more affectionately known, The .300 Hitters program.

300hitters-1.jpgAs of this printing, 620 NRCC journeymen carpenters have traveled to our training center in Las Vegas to participate in the 4-day intensive program. Participants got the opportunity to see our state of the art training facility, meet other carpenters from around our region and most importantly, learn invaluable skills that are needed to build a stronger union.

This program was developed by the UBC’s Department of Education and Training (DET) to give our journeymen a broader understanding of our union, the construction industry, and our role in shaping the future in the years ahead. During the program journeyman learn about the history of the UBC and the labor movement, participate in communications and public speaking workshops, learn valuable coaching and mentoring skills, meet with General President Douglas McCarron and Eastern District Vice President Frank Spencer, participate in a Q&A with senior leadership from our region and are asked to share their vision for the future of our union.

300hitters-2.jpgThe program also brings members up to speed on the important role union training and productivity plays in helping union contractors win more work. They learn about the impact training has on contractor profit margins, the power of good communication to improve efficiency, and need for strong leadership and professionalism to increase productivity. Beyond simply telling members which factors hinder or help on the jobsite, this program gives them real tools to elevate our craft.

One of the values that distinguish us as union members is our belief in education. If we provide our members with the tools, skills and support they need to be successful, our union cannot fail. To strengthen our brotherhood now and in the future, it will be more important than ever to promote strong union values to our brother and sister members while maintaining a high standard of excellence and productivity for our signatory contractors.

The UBC holds several sessions of this program throughout the year. Journeymen who meet the eligibility requirements are placed in a pool and selected randomly. If you are interested, please contact one of your council representatives.

300hitters-3.jpgUpon completing the course, members are tasked with going back to their home locals to get involved.  Returning members will also be eligible to participate in the new NRCC Council Representative Intern Program. This 3-month internship will allow members to participate in all of the regular duties of a Council Representative. If interested, please attend your next local union meeting and ask your Council Representative.”