About Us

About Us

The Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters (NRCC) represents thousands of hard working men and women throughout the states of Delaware and New Jersey, plus regions in Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania, making it one of the largest trade unions on the East Coast. The NRCC equips professional craftsmen with the skills that are demanded in today's construction industry. Its regional structure ensures that the organization can work cooperatively with contractors and maintain the superior quality of workmanship that contractors have come to expect from union carpenters. 

Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters Headquarters Office

91 Fieldcrest Avenue

Raritan Plaza II, Suite A18
Edison, NJ 08837
Phone: (732) 417-9229
Toll Free: (877) 284-5270

Executive Staff

John Ballantyne, Executive Secretary-Treasurer
Office Phone: 732-417-9229

William Sproule, New Jersey Regional Manager
Office Phone: 732-417-9229
Mobile Phone: 609-226-7648

William Banfield, Southeastern NY Regional Manager 
Office Phone: 845-440-1024
Mobile Phone: 914-393-7418

David Haines, Northwestern NY Regional Manager
Office Phone: 607-739-1028
Mobile Phone: 607-725-6424

Robert Naughton, Tri-State Regional Manager
Office Phone: 215-569-4486
Mobile Phone: 215-264-7106

Tricia Mueller, Political Director
Office Phone: 732- 417-9229

Robert Satriano, Director of Organizing 
Office Phone: 201-487-1142

Troy Singleton, Director of Operations
Office Phone: 732- 417-9229

Robert Weakley, Human Resources Director 
Office Phone: 732-417-9229

Tony Bianchini, Communications Director 
Office Phone: 732-417-9229




Northeast Regional Council Executive Board

Executive Secretary-Treasurer
John Ballantyne (LU 253)

William Sproule (LU 255)

1st Vice President
David Haines (LU 277)

2nd Vice President
William Banfield (LU 279)

Executive Board Members

Joseph Elmo (LU 253)
Jonathan Young (LU 255)
Dan Christy (LU 255)
Edward Enders (LU 290)
Peter Gowing (LU 253)
Daniel Souza (LU 279)
Eustace Eggie (LU 252)
Michael DeRosa (LU 254)

Daryl Bodewes (LU 276)

Thomas Bucco (LU 255)

Andrew Pacifico (LU 254)
Anthony Verrelli (254)
Robert Tarby (LU 255)
James Malcolm (LU 279)

Local Affiliates

Local 158

Contact Information

1803 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Get directions

Phone: (215) 569-1634
Fax: (215) 569-0263

Local Meeting 
Third Monday of Every Month at 7PM
Temporary Location: Parks East Casino

Council Representatives:


Mike Hand - Team Room Lead
Cell: 267-530-3659
Email: mhand@northeastcarpenters.org

Mark Durkalec - Council Representative
Cell: 267-530-0850
Email: mdurkalec@northeastcarpenters.org

James Hocker - Council Representative
Cell: 267-530-0794
Email: jhocker@northeastcarpenters.org

Ron McLeod - Council Representative
Cell: 267-530-2260
Email: rmcleod@northeastcarpenters.org

Ed Twiford - Council Representative
Cell: 215-622-0188
Email: etwiford@northeastcarpenters.org

Shawn Anderson - Council Representative
Cell: 215-933-2394
Email: sanderson@northeastcarpenters.org

Charles DeAngelo - Council Representative
Cell: 215-933-2794
Email: Cdeangelo@northeastcarpenters.org

Mike Griffin - Council Representative
Cell: 856-630-7834
Email: Mgriffin@northeastcarpenters.org

Cicero Mazza - Council Representative
Cell: 856-630-9369
Email: Cmazza@northeastcarpenters.org

Vic Szwanki - Council Representative
Cell: 856-630-3855
Email: Vszwanski@northeastcarpenters.org


Admin Staff

Megan Gross



Local 164

Contact Information

Philadelphia Office

1803 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Get directions

Phone: (215) 569-1634
Fax: (215) 569-0263

Local Meeting
Fourth Thursday of Every Month at 7PM
Carpenters Health & Welfare Office
1811 Spring Garden St
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Delaware Office 

626 Wilmington Rd
New Castle Delaware 19720
Get directions

Phone: (302) 328-9439
Fax: (302) 328-9461

Council Representatives:

Mike Campbell - Council Representative (Philadelphia)
Cell: 267-530-3256
Email: mcampbell@northeastcarpenters.org

James Thompson - Council Representative (Philadelphia)
Cell: 215-801-3112
Email: jthompson@northeastcarpenters.org

Bill Cassidy - Council Representative (Delaware)
Cell: 267-530-3080
Email: wcassidy@northeastcarpenters.org

Darren Bonass - Team Lead (Delaware)
Cell: 856-630-2323
Email:  dbonass@northeastcarpenters.org


Admin Staff

Samantha Ovalles 



Local 167

Contact Information

1818 Vultee Street
Allentown, PA 18103
Get directions

Phone: (610) 866-3030
Fax: (610) 328-9461

Council Representatives:

Kevin Morrow - Council Representative
Cell: 267-530-4395
Email: Kmorrow@northeastcarpenters.org 

Kevin Lott - Council Representative
Cell: 856-630-6983
Email: Klott@northeastcarpenters.org 

Mike Morrow - Council Representative
Cell: 267-530-2361
Email:  Mmorrow@northeastcarpenters.org

Bill Collins- Council Representative
Cell: 267-530-4985
Email: Wcollins@northeastcarpenters.org  

Fran Loughney- Council Representative
Cell: 856-630-8562
Email: Floughney@northeastcarpenters.org  

Rich Rivera- Council Representative
Cell: 215-341-4245
Email: rrivera@northeastcarpenters.org


Admin Staff 

Annette Bloss


Local Meeting
January 19, 2017
Bensalem Parx East 3rd Floor
2999 Street Rd
Bensalem, PA 19020

Local 173

Contact Information

626 Wilmington Road
New Castle, DE 19720
Get Directions

Phone: (302) 328-9439
Fax: (302) 328-9461

Council Representatives:

John Brown - Council Representative
Cell: 302-357-0230
Email: jbrown@northeastcarpenters.org 

Thomas Breslin - Senior Council Representative
Cell: 215-896-8362
Email: tbreslin@northeastcarpenters.org 

Sam Noel - Council Representative
Cell: 302-416-0063
Email: Snoel@northeastcarpenters.org 

Joe McTeague - Council Representative
Cell: 267-530-0887
Email: JMcTeague@northeastcarpenters.org

Jason Rode - Council Representative
Cell: 856-630-5291
Email: Jrode@northeastcarpenters.org 

Jim Viscount - Council Representative
Cell: 302-463-2322
Email: Jviscount@northeastcarpenters.org 

Mark Wagner - Council Representative
Cell: 302-530-2358
Email: mwagner@northeastcarpenters.org  

Admin Staff

Donna Hitch


Local Meeting
4th Wednesday of Every Month at 7PM
626 Wilmington Road
New Castle, DE 19720


Local 177

Contact Information

801 W. Patapsco Avenue 
Baltimore, MD 21230
Get Directions

Phone: (410) 355-5555
Fax: (410) 355-0620

Local Meeting

Rotating Between Baltimore and Upper Marlboro; First Tuesday of  each month; Start time 6pm

8500 Pennsylvania Avenue, Upper Marlboro, MD 20722 or

801 W Patapsco Ave, Baltimore, MD 21230


Council Representatives:

John Barber - Council Representative
Cell: 443-915-0462
Email: Jbarber@northeastcarpenters.org 

Alan Schuttler - Council Representative
Cell: 443-926-6116
Email: Aschuttler@northeastcarpenters.org

Conception Morales - Council Representative
Cell: 443-926-6117
Email: Cmorales@northeastcarpenters.org 

Bill Piunti - Council Representative
Cell: 443-239-7640
Email:  Wpiunti@northeastcarpenters.org

Hank Sorensen - Council Representative
Cell: 302-379-0030
Email:  Hsorensen@northeastcarpenters.org


Admin Staff

Nancy Johnstone





Local 179

Contact Information

1803 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Get Directions

Phone: (215) 569-1632
Fax: (215) 569-2595

Council Representatives:

Olaf Olsen - Lead Representative 
Cell: 917-525-7681
Email: oolsen@northeastcarpenters.org

Bill Snyder - Council Representative 
Cell: 609-985-9063
Email: wsnyder@northeastcarpenters.org

Adam Pashkevich - Council Representative Baltimore/Washington D.C.
Cell: 443-391-6369
Email: apashkevich@northeastcarpenters.org

Willy Grusholt - Council Representative Baltimore/Washington D.C.
Cell: 302-463-8421
Email: wgrusholt@northeastcarpenters.org

Dave Roncinske – Council Representative 
Email: Droncinske@northeastcarpenters.org


Admin Staff

Jacqueline Hagan


Local Meeting 
Every first Wednesday of the month at 7PM
8500 Pennsylvania Ave
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Every third Friday of the month at 7PM
1803 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA 20772 19130

Local 251

Contact Information

91 Fieldcrest Ave., Suite A22
Edison, NJ 08837
Get directions

Phone: (732) 417-9229, ext 312
Fax: (732) 417-9759

Local Union Meeting

2nd Tuesday
7:00 p.m.

Please visit Local 251's website:


Council Representatives:

Frank Koch - Council Representative
Cell: 609-432-1335
Email: fkoch@northeastcarpenters.org

Ronald Simone - Council Representative
Cell: 908-377-4404
Email: rsimone@northeastcarpenters.org

Patrick McGinley - Council Representative
Cell: 215-896-2006
Email: Pmcginley@northeastcarpenters.org

Dave Brett - Council Representative
Cell: 215-993-2195
Email: dbrett@northeastcarpenters.org

Tom Iveson - Council Representative
Cell: 856-896-2006
Email: tiverson@northeastcarpenters.org


Admin Staff:

Ann McBarron

Patricia Briscella

Local 252

Contact Information

91 Fieldcrest Ave., Suite A22
Edison, NJ 08837
Get directions

Phone: 732-379-6113
Fax: 732-417-0148

Local Union Meeting

4th Tuesday
6:30 p.m.

Due Payment Address:

P.O. Box 824541
Philadelphia, PA 19182


Please visit Local 252's website:


Council Representatives:

Eustace Eggie III – Director of Industrial Contract Relations
Cell: 609-226-0251
Email: eeggie@northeastcarpenters.org

Jason Friedman - Council Representative
Cell: 732-754-4640
Email: jfriedman@northeastcarpenters.org

Peter Woodward - Council Representative
Cell: 716-523-9899
Email: lranallo@northeastcarpenters.org

Kurt Rotan - Council Representative
Cell: 856-981-9734
Email: krotan@northeastcarpenters.org

Andrew Vooris - Council Representative
Cell: 518-242-0062
Email: avooris@northeastcarpenters.org

Joseph Magner - Council Representative
Cell: 856-298-3184
Email: jmagner@northeastcarpenters.org

Joe McTeague - Council Representative
Cell: 267-530-0887
Email: Jmcteague@northeastcarpenters.org



Admin Staff

Cheryl Vacchiano

Local 253

Contact Information

36 Bergen Street
Hackensack, NJ 07601
Get directions

Phone: (201) 487-1142
Fax: (201) 343-9018

Local Union Meeting

2nd Thursday
5:00 pm

Please visit Local 253's website:

Council Representatives:

Justin Ballantyne - Council Representative 
Cell: 201-954-2059
Email: justinballantyne@northeastcarpenters.org

Michael DeJohn - Council Representative
Cell: 973-294-0133
Email: mdejohn@northeastcarpenters.org

Joseph Elmo - Council Representative
Cell: 609-381-6289
Email: jelmo@northeastcarpenters.org

Peter Gowing - Council Representative
Cell: 732-966-5443
Email: pgowing@northeastcarpenters.org

William Haase - Council Representative
Cell: 201-388-9497
Email: whaase@northeastcarpenters.org

Alex Lopez - Team Lead
Cell: 732-489-0224
Email: alopez@northeastcarpenters.org

Manuel Ortega - Council Representative
Cell: 732-754-1927
Email: mortega@northeastcarpenters.org

Michael Pierce - Council Representative
Cell: 201-306-8065
Email: mpierce@northeastcarpenters.org

George Schreck - Council Representative
Cell: 201-306-7829
Email: gschreck@northeastcarpenters.org

Jamie Vincent Serritella - Council Representative
Cell: 973-943-0687
Email: jserritella@northeastcarpenters.org

David Lagas - Council Representative
Cell: 201-561-6661
Email: dlagas@northeastcarpenters.org

Pedro Navedo - Council Representative
Cell: 201-578-6798
Email: pnavedo@northeastcarpenters.org


Admin Staff:

Laura Faria
Nancie Karaitis
Maria Marcelo

Local 254

Contact Information

91 Fieldcrest Ave., Suite A22
Edison, NJ 08837
Get directions

Phone: (732) 225-7210
Fax: (732)417-9559

Local Union Meeting

1st Wednesday
7:00 p.m.

Please visit Local 254's website:

Council Representatives:

Anthony Verrelli- Council Representative
Cell: 908-482-2924
Email: averelli@northeastcarpenters.org

Anthony Abrantes - Team Lead
Cell: 732-589-3014
Email: aabrantes@northeastcarpenters.org

Paul Belardo - Council Representative
Cell: 609-385-8148
Email: pbelardo@northeastcarpenters.org

Kevin Brown - Council Representative
Cell: 609-218-2610
Email: kbrown@northeastcarpenters.org

Thomas Bucco - Council Representative
Cell: 732-575-3586
Email: tbucco@northeastcarpenters.org

Richard Dalrymple - Council Representative
Cell: 908-442-2205
Email: rdalrymple@northeastcarpenters.org

Michael DeRosa - Council Representative
Cell: 908-419-3643
Email: mderosa@northeastcarpenters.org

Antonio Godinho - Council Representative
Cell: 732-966-4257
Email: agodinho@northeastcarpenters.org

Mark Keple - Council Representative
Cell: 908-482-4799
Email: mkeple@northeastcarpenters.org

Richard MacDuff - Council Representative
Cell: 908-217-7554
Email: smacduff@northeastcarpenters.org

Ed Coryell Jr. - Council Representative
Cell: 215-622-6463
Email: ecoryelljr@northeastcarpenters.org

Manuel Ortega - Council Representative
Cell: 732-754-1927
Email: mortega@northeastcarpenters.org

David Wright - Council Representative
Cell: 609-238-9390
Email: dwright@northeastcarpenters.org


Admin Staff:


Rita Norton

Cheryl Scalia

Joanie Teeple


Local 255

Contact Information

3300 White Horse Pike
Mullica Twp., NJ 08037
Get directions

Phone: 609-567-0400
Fax: 609-567-0422

Local Union Meeting

1st Tuesday
7:00 p.m.

Please visit Local 255's website:

Council Representatives:

Edward Hagaman - Team Leader
Cell: 609-226-0213
Email: ehagaman@northeastcarpenters.org

Anibal (Junior) Birriel - Council Representative
Cell: 609-619-1501
Email: abirriel@northeastcarpenters.org

Robert Boyce - Council Representative
Cell: 609-226-5930
Email: rboyce@northeastcarpenters.org

Andrew Bulakowski - Council Representative
Cell: 609-289-2962
Email: abulakowski@northeastcarpenters.org

Ken Garbowski - Council Representative
Cell: 609-432-4214
Email: kgarbowski@northeastcarpenters.org

Bruce Garganio - Council Representative
Cell: 609-468-3158
Email: bgarganio@northeastcarpenters.org

John Hagaman - Council Representative
Cell: 609-289-1178
Email: jhagaman@northeastcarpenters.org

Don Krevetski - Council Representative
Cell: 609-949-4108
Email: dkrevetski@northeastcarpenters.org

Kurt Pechmann Jr. - Council Representative
Cell: 609-289-1177
Email: kpechmann@northeastcarpenters.org

John Robinson - Council Representative
Cell: 609-351-7311
Email: jrobinson@northeastcarpenters.org

Kurt Rotan - Council Representative
Cell: 856-981-9734
Email: krotan@northeastcarpenters.org

Steve Stokes - Council Representative
Cell: 856-298-3225
Email: sstokes@northeastcarpenters.org

Thomas Hurely - Council Representative
Cell: 201-749-2484
Email: thurley@northeastcarpenters.org

Thomas Hurely - Council Representative
Cell: 609-432-1335
Email: fkoch@northeastcarpenters.org

Jonathan Young - Council Representative
Cell: 856-237-7020
Email: jyoung@northeastcarpenters.org

Admin Staff:

Laura Gonzalez

Lynetta Marker

Lisa Colatrella

Local 276

Contact Information

21 Jetview Drive
Rochester, NY 14225
Get directions

Phone: (585) 328-6251
Fax: (585) 436-4231

Local Union Meeting

3rd Tuesday
6:00 p.m.

Please visit Local 276's website:


Council Representatives:

Daryl Bodewes - Team Leader
Cell: 315-317-9129
Email: dbodewes@northeastcarpenters.org

Christopher Austin - Council Representative
Cell: 609-682-1923
Email: caustin@northeastcarpenters.org

William Bing - Council Representative
Cell: 609-682-1922
Email: bbing@northeastcarpenters.org

Gerald Dee - Council Representative
Cell: 585-764-1769
Email: gdee@northeastcarpenters.org

Thomas Kelly - Council Representative
Cell: 716-238-5114
Email: tkelly@northeastcarpenters.org

Thomas Mairs - Council Representative
Cell: 585-746-2570
Email: tmairs@northeastcarpenters.org

Leonard Ranallo - Council Representative
Cell: 914-261-7379
Email: lranallo@northeastcarpenters.org

Christopher Stone - Council Representative
Cell: 315- 237-3043
Email: cstone@northeastcarpenters.org

Peter Woodward - Council Representative
Cell: 716-523-9899
Email: pwoodward@northeastcarpenters.org

Jomo Akono - Council Representative
Cell: 716-270-7866
Email: jakono@northeastcarpenters.org

Admin Staff:

Jessie Kirsch
Susan White

Local 277

Contact Information

Binghamton Office

23 Market Street
Binghampton, NY 13905
Get directions

Phone:(607) 729-0224
Fax:(607) 729-2087


Syracuse Office
3247 Vickery Road
Syracuse, NY 13212
Get directions

Phone: (315) 455-5797
Fax: (315) 455-8326



Syracuse Area Council Representatives:

Jeffrey Murray -Team Leader
Cell: (315) 317-9049
Email: jmurray@northeastcarpenters.org

Bill Maxim – Council Represenative
Cell: 315-313-2549
Email: bmaxim@northeastcarpenters.org

Frederick Swayze Jr. - Council Representative
Cell: 315-335-2149
Email: fswayzejr@northeastcarpenters.org

Robert Wilmott
Cell: 315-460-6903
Email: rwilmott@northeastcarpenters.org

Thomas Iorizzo
Cell: 315-559-8490
Email: ftiorizzo@northeastcarpenters.org



Admin Staff:

Dawn Hurt (Binghamton)

Jennifer Jones (Syracuse)

Horseheads Area Council Representatives:

Scott Colton - Team Leader
Cell: 607-725-6505
Email: scolton@northeastcarpenters.org

Jeremy Brotz - Council Representative
Cell: 607-215-1768
Email: jbrotz@northeastcarpenters.org

Brian Noteboom -Council Representative
Cell: 607-725-6475
Email: bnoteboom@northeastcarpenters.org

Charles Smith - Council Representative
Cell: 607-725-6433
Email: csmith@northeastcarpenters.org

David McIsaac - Council Representative
Cell: 607-227-1455
Email: dmcisaac@northeastcarpenters.org

Local Union Meeting

Third Wednesday 6:00 p.m.
Please visit Local 277's website: www.carpenters277.com

Local 279

Contact Information

16 Corporate Park Drive, Suite A
Hopewell Junction, NY 12203
Get directions

Phone: (845) 440-1024
Fax: (845) 202-3798

Local Union Meeting

4th Monday
5:00 p.m.

Please visit Local 279's website:

Council Representatives:

Daniel Souza - Team Leader
Cell: 845-216-8644
Email: dsouza@northeastcarpenters.org

Paul Cassel - Council Representative
Cell: 845-216-8641
Email: pcassel@northeastcarpenters.org

Edward Cooke - Council Representative
Cell: 914-393-3910
Email: ecooke@northeastcarpenters.org

John Cucurullo - Council Representative
Cell: 845-216-8642
Email: jcucurullo@northeastcarpenters.org

Joseph Karas - Council Representative
Cell: 845-216-8646
Email: jkaras@northeastcarpenters.org

Kris Komorowski - Council Representative
Cell: 914-393-0833
Email: kkomorowski@northeastcarpenters.org

James Malcolm - Council Representative
Cell: 845-216-8643
Email: jmalcolm@northeastcarpenters.org

Robert Owens - Council Representative
Cell: 845-270-0826
Email: rowens@northeastcarpenters.org

Scott Smith - Council Representative
Cell: 518-573-9135
Email: ssmith@northeastcarpenters.org

Kevin Smith - Council Representative
Cell: 845-490-3785
Email: ksmith@northeastcarpenters.org

Denis Sullivan - Council Representative
Cell: 845-242-1599
Email: dsullivan@northeastcarpenters.org

Admin Staff:

Denise DePerna

Zulma Martell

Local 290

Contact Information

270 Motor Parkway, Dept. A
Hauppauge NY 11788
Get directions

Phone: (631) 952-9800
Fax: (631) 952-9825

Local Union Meeting

2nd Wednesday
7:00 p.m.

Please visit Local 290's website:

Council Representatives:

Anthony Macagnone -  Team Leader Long Island
Cell: 631-241-2165
Email: amacagnone@northeastcarpenters.org

Edward Enders - Council Representative
Cell: 516-680-9159
Email: eenders@northeastcarpenters.org

Thomas Ferris - Council Representative
Cell: 631-513-5957
Email: tferris@northeastcarpenters.org

Robert French - Council Representative
Cell: 631-942-5605
Email: rfrench@northeastcarpenters.org

Thomas Herron - Council Representative
Cell: 631-241-3710
Email: therron@northeastcarpenters.org

Paul Leo - Council Representative
Cell: 631-806-3487
Email: pleo@northeastcarpenters.org

Anthony Villa - Council Representative
Cell: 631-235-6176
Email: avilla@northeastcarpenters.org

Nicole Grodner - Council Representative
Email: ngrodner@northeastcarpenters.org


Admin Staff:

Mara Criscione

Carly Nordon

Joanna Burvenich


Local 291

Contact Information

1284 Central Avenue
Albany, NY 12205
Get directions

Phone: (518) 438-1905
Fax: (518) 438-1906

Plattsburgh Office

P.O. Box 568, Elm Street, Suite 300

Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Ph: 518-561-2151



Local Union Meeting

2nd Monday
5:00 p.m.

Please visit Local 291's website: www.carpenterslu291.com

Council Representatives:

Christopher Dugan - Team Leader
Cell: 518-573-2263
Email: cdugan@northeastcarpenters.org

Michael Bruno - Council Representative
Cell: 518-569-6937
Email: mbruno@northeastcarpenters.org

James Margiotta - Council Representative
Cell: 518-410-7963
Email: jmargiotta@northeastcarpenters.org

Peter McAnearney - Council Representative
Cell: 518-257-6382
Email: pmcanearney@northeastcarpenters.org

Thomas McKiernan- Council Representative
Cell: 518-524-5296
Email: avooris@northeastcarpenters.org

Michael Shanahan - Council Representative
Cell: 518-852-7517
Email: mshanahan@northeastcarpenters.org

Mark Sowalski - Council Representative
Cell: 518-573-3726
Email: msowalski@northeastcarpenters.org

James Standhart - Council Representative
Cell: 518-573-9139
Email: jstandhart@northeastcarpenters.org

Andrew Vooris - Council Representative
Cell: 518-242-0062
Email: avooris@northeastcarpenters.org

Admin Staff:

Melonie Scheunemann (Plattsburgh)

Michele Guynup (Albany)

Jennifer Livingston (Albany)


Local 491

Main Address:

Carpenters Local 491     
801 W. Patapsco Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21230

Ph: 410-355-0011


Please Visit:



Local Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm, alternating between Baltimore and Upper Marlboro offices.

Council Representatives:

Warren Brown – Council Representative Baltimore, Maryland
Cell: 410-507-0836
Email: wbrown@northeastcarpenters.org

Ted Hoffman – Council Representative Washington DC
Cell: 202-680-2182
Email: thoffman@northeastcarpenters.org