Carpenters Welcome the Democratic National Convention to Philadelphia

Carpenters Welcome the Democratic National Convention to Philadelphia

The Carpenters Union is leading the fight to elect a President who is aligned with the middle class.

PHILADELPHIA -- The Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters (NRCC) is proud to welcome the Democratic National Convention and presumptive Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to Philadelphia this week.

John Ballantyne, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of NRCC, said the Carpenters Union stands with former Secretary of State Clinton and supports her ongoing fight for economic justice and opportunity, coupled with fair wages and expanded job growth for all.

"The Carpenters were an early supporter of Secretary Clinton’s candidacy and we are proud of her support of Union Carpenters," said Ballantyne. "Carpenters have always led the way in the fight for better working conditions, fair wages and benefits for our members. Clinton supports policies that improve the quality of life for all Americans," Ballantyne said.

"We’ve enjoyed working with the Democrat National Committee and our fellow building trades unions preparing for the convention and transforming the Wells Fargo Center into a world class venue," he added. "We are excited to have the DNC here in the City of Brotherly Love."