Collective Bargaining

Collective Bargaining

The Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters is focused on a simple reality: Our members succeed when their employers succeed. We believe that a construction project is only effective when workers and employers are truly partners.

Collective bargaining is the process where the NRCC negotiates contracts on behalf of our members, with hundreds of contractors represented by associations in our region, to determine the terms of employment, including pay, health care, pensions and other benefits, hours, leave, job health and safety policies.

The negotiation period produces a draft agreement which the members can then vote to accept or reject the proposed contract. A ratified contract legally binds both sides—employers and members—to the contract terms, also known as a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Our ability to negotiate effectively on behalf of our membership requires strength in numbers. Because the NRCC can speak with the force of thousands, we show a unified position that allows us to ensure our membership is getting the wages and benefits that they deserve.  There has been an ongoing struggle with those organizations who would pay their workers unlivable wages and deprive them of much needed benefits. The NRCC constantly strives to keep Collective Bargaining safe in our region and throughout the country.  

In order to maintain the right to collectively bargain, we call upon our leadership and the entire membership to stay active and involved both politically and within the union.  We are here to provide the tools and resources necessary for all our members to become activists and leaders within the community and call on each of you to rise to that challenge.