Congress to Vote on "TPP" and "TAA" This Friday!

Congress to Vote on "TPP" and "TAA" This Friday!

Brothers and Sisters,

For decades United States corporate interests have traded the wealth and treasures of our nation for cheap labor and sky-high, tax free profits.  As the global market place expands, protecting American jobs and American workers is the biggest challenge of our time. Currently, our congressional representatives are deciding on two major pieces of legislation the Trade Adjustment Assistance Bill (“TAA”) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement (“TPP”) both bills if passed could have a dire effect on your future.

The Trade Adjustment Assistance (“TAA”) is a program created to provide assistance for workers who have been affected or have lost their jobs due to trade with countries that the United States does not have a free trade agreement with. The bill excludes many workers who have been hurt by trade all the while raiding Medicare for funding. The TAA funding will be paid for by a $700 million dollar cut to Medicare that is unacceptable.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement (“TPP”), the so-called “free trade” agreement is being conducted in closed door sessions, with no involvement from Congress because of a policy known as “Fast Track,” which gives the President broad powers to negotiate terms of trade agreements without the consent of Congress. This undemocratic policy has been utilized by our government to conceal negotiation details from the American public.

Big corporations have joined together to brand the TPP negotiations as “trade” related. In reality the negotiations have allowed corporations to sidestep important consumer protections and industry regulations. These conditions will surely provide corporations with even more of an incentive to ship our jobs overseas.

If passed, the TPP has the potential to:

  • Offshore millions of American jobs and lower our wages
  • Require the U.S. to provide equal access to the bidding arena on government construction and other contracts to any country signatory to this agreement
  • Flood us with unsafe, unregulated imported food and products
  • Increase medicine prices

The house will be voting on both pieces of legislation Friday, if passed both bills will have major long-term implications on your job and your future. The rights of all American workers are on the line. Please call your representative today and urge them to vote No to “TAA” and “TPP”. Click HERE to find your congressional representative.



Michael Capelli, EST