MIX 20/20 Instructions

In order to use the MIX 20/20 system, you must meet the following requirements:
  • You are a member in Good Standing. 
  • Dispatch has an up-to-date Skills Questionnaire on file. It is imperative that the Council have your up-to-date carpentry skills in order for MIX 20/20 match your skills to the right job. Please ask your Council Representative for a copy of the form or go to here to download a copy. Return a signed copy to to appropriate Dispatch office. For information on submitting your Skills Questionnaire, click here.

 Dialing In To Mix 20/20 for the first time.

Follow these instructions for dialing into MIX 20/20 for the first time.  Download and print out this helpful Wallet Card  to save your PIN number and keep it with you at all times.
Download MIX 20/20 Wallet Card

Please be aware that some cell phone carriers have services that can interfere with the receipt of Dispatch calls. Deactivate “Music On Hold” or any similar answering service from your phone provider. MIX20/20 thinks this is an “answer” and will begin the dispatch process.

Using a touch-tone phone, dial the MIX 20/20 toll-free number.  (800) 735- 1829 You will hear…

“Welcome to the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters member information exchange.”
“Please enter your Member ID:”

Using your phone’s number pad, enter the numeric portion of your UBCJA Member ID or Social Security Number.

“Now Enter Your PIN:”

The first time you use MIX, you must use the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number as your PIN.  You will then be asked to choose a  new PIN. You may use any four-digit number EXCEPT for the last 4 digits of your SSN. You can change your PIN at any time, but if you forget it, you’ll need to have it reset by the NRCC Administrator. Make sure to record your new PIN number on your Wallet Card for safe keeping.

Once you’ve logged in successfully, MIX will repeat your name, member dues status and your primary phone number.  If any of this information is incorrect, contact your NRCC Administrator immediately.


Receiving a Dispatch Call

You will receive a Dispatch call for next-day referrals between 2-6pm. You must be available to accept calls during these hours. IF you do not answer the call, the next person on the list will be called.

When you answer a Dispatch call, you must press “1” to continue.

After hearing the job description, do one of the following:
To ACCEPT the job, PRESS 2
To DECLINE the job, PRESS 3

If you hang up or become disconnected AFTER entering your PIN, MIX 20/20 will consider it an automatic decline.

When you accept the job, you will automatically be removed from the Out-of-Work list. If
it turns out to be a short term job you may contact your Local to have your OOW date reinstated.

Please make sure you update or renew your Out of Work Status at least every 30 days. 
Failure to do this will result in REMOVAL from the OOW List, and loss of your OOW date on the 31st day. You can do this by calling into the MIX 20/20 system at 1-800-735-1829