Dispatch For Contractors

Dispatch For Contractors

All contractors that need union carpenters for work must call the Edison, NJ or Horseheads, NY Dispatch Centers between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Contractors who need carpenters for worksites in New Jersey should call the Toll Free Edison Dispatch Center at 1-855-273-1563.  Contractors who need carpenters for worksites in New York State should call the Toll Free Horseheads, NY Dispatch Center at 1-855-273-1562. 

Please be ready to tell Dispatch staff the following information:

  • company name
  • contact person
  • type of work being performed
  • required certifications (if necessary)
  • new job, or an on-going project
  • job location
  • starting date 
  • starting time
  • number of carpenters and apprentices

The Union will reserve the right to assign the shop steward for the requested job.

Job Notification Form

For New Jersey Signatory Contractors and members working under New Jersey's Current CBA, Article XV: Work Rules states that contractors and members are required to provide the NRCC Centralized Dispatch 24 hours notice  before a new job start. Contractors and members may do this by phone or email. 

To notify by email, please download the following form. Complete and email to dispatchNJ@northeastcarpenters.org
*You will need the latest version of Adobe Reader to save the form. 

To notify by phone please call 1-855-273-1563 to speak with a Centralized Dispatch staff person.