Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters Announce Endorsements for May 16th Pennsylvania Democratic Primary Election

Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters Announce Endorsements for May 16th Pennsylvania Democratic Primary Election


Left to Right: Matt Hicks (LU164), Kenny Debois (LU158), Steve Billstein (LU158), Larry Krasner, Philadelphia District Attorney candidate Larry Krasner, Bill Snyder (NRCC Rep LU179), Des O'Brien (LU158), Shawn Anderson (NRCC Rep LU164), Charles DeAngelo (NRCC Rep LU158), James Hocker (NRCC Rep LU158).


Philadelphia (May 16, 2017) --The Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters (NRCC) today announced their list of endorsed candidates for the upcoming Pennsylvania Democratic Primary election.

NRCC Executive Secretary-Treasurer John Ballantyne said, "We are pleased to endorse this strong docket of candidates as they support many of the same important worker rights issues that are important to our Council in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Issues like prevailing wage on public infrastructure projects are so important not only to thousands of carpenters who work in the Commonwealth, but all middle-class workers in our region who are trying to make a good life for themselves and their families.

Tricia Mueller, NRCC Political Director said, "As contributing partners to the economic, civic and social vitality of the City of Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania, the Carpenters Union believes in taking an active part in the political process. Our involvement in endorsing candidates lets our members know which candidates share our values and support our vision for the continued economic growth and expansion of our region."

The Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters endorsed the following candidates seeking the offices listed below: 


City of Philadelphia

  • Larry Krasner (D) - District Attorney
  • Dwayne D. Woodruff (D) - Supreme Court Judge
  • Maria McLaughlin (D) - Superior Court Judge
  • Carolyn H. Nichols (D) - Superior Court Judge
  • Joseph M. Cosgrove (D) - Commonwealth Court Judge
  • Matt Wolf (D) - Municipal Court Judge
  • Marissa Brumbach (D) - Municipal Court Judge
  • Lucretia Clemons (D) - Court of Common Pleas
  • Zac Shaffer (D) - Court of Common Pleas
  • Vikki Kristiansson (D) - Court of Common Pleas
  • David Conroy (D) - Court of Common Pleas
  • Leon Goodman (D) -  Court of Common Pleas
  • Alan Butkovitz (D)- Philadelphia City Controller 

Delaware County

  • John "Jack" Whelan- Delaware Court of Common Pleas
  • Davis J. White- Delaware County Council
  • John J. Perfetti- Delaware County Council
  • Mary McFall Hopper- Delaware County Sheriff
Montgomery County
  • Wendy Rothstein- Montgomery County Judge
  • Jeff Saltz- Montgomery County Judge
  • Joanne Cisco Olszewski- Montgomery County Jury Commissioner
  • David Gannon (Ward 1) of Local 167- Plymouth Council
  • Marty Higgins (incumbent Ward 3)-Plymouth Council
  • Karen Bramblett (At Large) - Plymouth Council
  • Philip Armstrong- Lehigh County Executive
  • Ed Pawlowski- Allentown Mayor
  • Cynthia Mota- Allentown City Council 
  • Julio Guridy- Allentown City Council
  • Ed Zucal- Allentown City Council
  • Robert J. Donches- Mayor of City of Bethlehem 
  • Eric Evans- Bethlehem City Council
  • Bryan Callahan- Bethlehem City Council
  • Olga Negron- Bethlehem City Council
  • Lamont McClure- Northampton County Executive 
  • William McGee- Northampton County Council 
  • Ronald R. Heckman- Northampton City Council 
  • Lori Vargo-Heffner- Northampton City Council 
  • Tara Zrinski- Northampton City Council 
  • Peter Melan- Northampton County Council 
  • Peg Ferraro- Northampton County Council 
  • Jim Edinger of Local 167 (retired)- Easton City Council 
  • Sandra Vulcano- Easton City Council 

Chester County

  • Patricia Maisano- County Treasurer 
  • Margarert Reif- County Controller 
  • Christina VandePol- County Coroner 
  • Maria Crossan- County Clerk of Courts 

Bucks County

  • Rich Scholer- District Attorney 
  • Milt Warrell- Sheriff 
  • Neale Dougherty-Controller 
  • Judi Reiss- Office of Judicial Records 
  • Robin Robinson- Recorder of Deeds