GHL Scholarship Luncheon

GHL Scholarship Luncheon

Brothers and Sisters,

This past Wednesday we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the George H. Laufenberg Scholarship Fund by awarding scholarships to thirty seven students who exemplified academic achievement, leadership and community service. Founded in 1996, the fund was established as a way to give back to our Carpenter family by lending a hand to help deserving young men and women achieve their dreams of going to college. 2015 recipient Janelle Isaacs, said, “I watched my sister transfer from school to school because she struggled to pay her tuition. I want to stay in the same school and get my college degree, this scholarship is going to help me to do that”. Since the creation of the fund, over 440 scholarships totaling nearly $3 million have been awarded to the children and grandchildren of union carpenters. This year the selection committee awarded a total of $236,000 to the deserving recipients. 

Every year the selection process gets increasingly difficult. This year’s recipients were not only exceptional students they were also intelligent and hardworking pillars in their communities with interests ranging from music to medicine. They will go on to continue their education in universities including  Rutgers, Temple, The College of New Jersey, University  of South Carolina, SUNY, Villanova, University of Buffalo, William Paterson, Montclair, Rowan, Virginia Tech, The University of Vermont, and much more.

The decision to be a member of the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters is not only the choice to build a better life for yourself but for your family members as well. The NRCC is more than just a union, it is a family. The George H. Laufenberg Scholarship Fund is another way in which we invest in that family. “It was a big deal to me to win this scholarship because I come from a long line of union carpenters. My grandfather, father and brother are all members and I wanted to make them proud”, said Sabrina Capriotti another 2015 recipient. We understand that not all of your children will embark on careers in the trade but it is important to us that they go out into the world armed with the tools they need to ensure their success.


Michael Capelli, Executive Secretary-Treasurer