Carpenters Featured on Insider NJ's Power 100 List

Carpenters Featured on Insider NJ's Power 100 List

The Northeastern Regional Council of Carpenters would like to congratulate Executive Secretary-Treasurer John Ballantyne (#14), Political Director Lizette Delgado-Polanco (#47) & President of the Carpenter Contractor Trust Kevin McCabe (#6) for being selected to the Insider NJ's Power 100 list.




Executive Secretary-Treasurer, John Ballantyne

From InsiderNJ: "It was a very big year for Executive Secretary-Treasurer John Ballantyne. In addition to Building Trades guy Sweeney being placed back into the state senate, McCabe and Assemblyman Troy Singleton (both Carpenters professionals) respectively nailed down the speakership for Coughlin and a Senate seat in LD7 as well. NRCC's John Ballantyne was one of the biggest contributors to Sweeney’s rugged reelection bid."


Political Director, Lizette Delgado-Polanco

From InsiderNJ: "The Vice-Chair of the Democratic State Committee and Political Director of the NRCC can take you apart from several different angles. Most significantly, Lizette's sturdy foundation in labor has her reminiscent of her days as political director of SEIU 32BJ. Since she's been with the Northeastern Regional Council of Carpenters, Lizette has added greatly to the strong group of powerful, influential and political minds including Mueller, Singleton and McCabe."



President of Carpenter Contractor Trust, Kevin McCabe

From InsiderNJ: "The Carpenter Contractor's President Kevin McCabe kept his Middlesex coalition together to be able to deal-make and get Woodbridge ward Assemblyman Craig Coughlin the speakership. Not only did McCabe get his man onto the assembly throne, but he also has good relations with Murphy. Kevin also has cultivated strong ties statewide for the Northeastern Regional Council of Carpenters, as well as close relations with Senator-elect Joe Cyan, Senator-elect Troy Singleton (D-7) and Senator-elect Vin Gopal. McCabe excelled at statewide, county and local politics in 2017 and doubled-down on his win when ally Mayor Tom Lankey defeated Hahn in the local general election."

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