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Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters Local 277 Carpenter Joseph Etta Celebrates His 100th Birthday


Joseph Etta, a retired carpenter from Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters’ Local 279 celebrated his 100th birthday this past Sunday. Joseph – who was initiated into the Union in 1966 – is a resident of Cold Spring, New York and began his longstanding, successful career with Carpenters Local 323.

After being initiated in the Carpenters Union in the 1960's, Joseph began his career as a Union carpenter first starting out in what was then Local 323. The Local then changed to Local 19 and is presently Local 279.

"It's Carpenters like Joseph that give the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters pride in our membership and dedication that exists within our Council," said Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters President and New Jersey Regional Manager William Sproule. "He truly embodies everything it means to be a skilled, devoted carpenter and we are so grateful for his tireless support and years of service."

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