Labor Day

Labor Day

Brothers and Sisters,

On May 12, 1882 our founding father Peter J. McGuire sounded the call for the creation of a national holiday to recognize the hard working men and women of this county. McGuire stated that the day should be, “celebrated by a street parade which would publicly show the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations." New York and New Jersey were amongst the original five states to officially designate the first Monday of each September a Labor Day - our day to celebrate the valuable contributions of workers to the success and prosperity of our country.

The Labor Movement can lay claim to the vast majority of the working conditions we are fortunate enough to enjoy today – the abolishment of child labor, safety requirements, reasonable hours of work, fair pay and the right to collectively bargain are just some of the rights American workers have gained as a result of the hard working men and women who came before us. McGuire, also led the charge for something many of us take for granted today– the establishment of the 8-hour work day and the official “week end.”

The way we celebrate this important day has changed throughout the years, but McGuire’s “street parades” are still a source of pride and inspiration for the Labor Movement.  Many members will be participating in Labor Day celebrations throughout our region – contact your Local to learn more about what’s happing in your area. 

Regardless of how you will be celebrating, please take a moment to give thanks to the brothers and sisters who fought hard for us to have a well-deserved weekend break. On behalf of the NRCC Executive Board, I wish you and your family safe and Happy Labor Day.


Michael Capelli, Executive Secretary-Treasurer