Local 177

Local 177

Contact Information

801 W. Patapsco Avenue 
Baltimore, MD 21230
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Phone: (410) 355-5555
Fax: (410) 355-0620

Local Meeting

Rotating Between Baltimore and Upper Marlboro; First Tuesday of each month; Start time 6pm

8500 Pennsylvania Avenue, Upper Marlboro, MD 20722 or

801 W Patapsco Ave, Baltimore, MD 21230

Council Representatives:

John Barber - Team Lead
Phone: 443-915-0462
Email: Jbarber@northeastcarpenters.org 

Sergio Bautista - Council Representative
Phone: 443-955-8165
Email:  sbautista@northeastcarpenters.org

David Brett - Council Representative (Floor Layers)
Phone: 215-933-2195
Email: dbrett@northeastcarpenters.org 

Willy Grusholt - Council Representative (Pile Drivers)
Phone: 301-848-7088
Email: wgrusholt@northeastcarpenters.org

Jum-mor Mackell
Email: jmackell@northeastcarpenters.org

Conception Morales - Council Representative
Phone: 443-926-6117
Email: Cmorales@northeastcarpenters.org 

Bill Piunti - Council Representative
Phone: 443-239-7640
Email:  Wpiunti@northeastcarpenters.org

Alan Schuttler - Council Representative
Phone: 443-926-6116
Email: Aschuttler@northeastcarpenters.org

Henrik (Hank) Sorensen - Council Representative
Phone: 302-379-0030
Email:  Hsorensen@northeastcarpenters.org


Admin Staff

Nancy Johnstone (Baltimore)

Ila (Terri) Sturgess (Upper Marlboro)