Local 252 Member Honored for Saving Lives

Local 252 Member Honored for Saving Lives


Rommell Robinson (left) and his wife Deavona (right) awarded for their heroism during a ceremony at the Montgomery County Safety Academy in Conshohocken, PA. 

It was a typical day for Rommell Robinson, a Union Carpenter from Local 252, until he and his wife Deavona encountered a man overdosing on drugs in a parking lot on the corner of King and York St. in Pottstown, PA. The two performed CPR on the man to sustain his life until medical assistance arrived.

Rommell and his wife were among 34 citizens and local officials recognized by Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele to honor their heroism and dedication to the community. "They were able to keep the man alive until the Pottstown police and Goodwill ambulance arrived," said Steele. "Their decision to take action and help, instead of walking on by, saved this young man's life."

From Reading Eagle: "This was totally unexpected," said Rommell after receiving the award. "We just did what came natural to us."


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