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Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters Renovate Morristown Neighborhood House



Morristown, NJ (June 15, 2017) --Members and apprentices of Local 253 and Local 254 in the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters (NRCC) gave their time and expertise during the month of May and June to renovate the Morristown Neighborhood House (MNH) in Morristown, NJ. MNH, a part of Cornerstone Family Programs, helps to build better lives and provide for families in need in the community. 

After receiving a grant from The Home Depot for the tools and carpentry, MNH needed skilled carpenters to renovate its building, and they called on the NRCC for help. The renovation was organized by NRCC Local 254 Senior Council Representative Anthony Abrantes.

“I’m so honored and proud of the 23 members of Local 253 and Local 254 who dedicated their time and skills to this important organization,” said Abrantes. “As Union Carpenters, we understand the importance to lending a helping hand to those who are in need within our surrounding neighborhoods.”

Operations Manager of MNH, Mitch Perry, appreciates the continued time and dedication that the NRCC put into making the renovations, which included installing a kitchen, replacing old cabinets and making repairs to the structure.  

“The carpenters were terrific, skilled and courteous,” said Perry. “The volunteer work that they did keeps our non-profit running, and we are happy to be a recipient of their skills and time.”

The dedicated Union Carpenters included:

  • Jonathan Cirmi (LU 254)
  • Jon Bilyk (LU 254)
  • Robert Blair (LU 254)
  • Jeffrey Anderson (LU 254)
  • John Enevoldesen (LU 254)
  • Daniel Muzzio (LU 254)
  • Joseph Crawn (LU 254)
  • Andrew Kippner (LU 254)
  • John Laden (LU 254)
  • Michael Roshop (LU 254)
  • John Gercie (LU 254)
  • Daniel Solazzi (LU 254)
  • Daniel Hanley (LU 254)
  • Brian Black (LU 254)
  • Daniel Lovland (LU 254)
  • Eric Miceli (LU 253)
  • Christopher Sowul (LU 253)
  • Joseph Juranich (LU 253)
  • Kevin Anderson (LU 253)
  • Dean Pagliel (LU 253)
  • Brian Bulman (LU 253)
  • Jan Thomas (LU 253)


About the NRCC:

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