NRCC Deputy Political Director Mungu Sanchez Recognized in Honor of Black History Month

NRCC Deputy Political Director Mungu Sanchez Recognized in Honor of Black History Month


During this year’s Black History Month, the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters is highlighting some of the organizations’ notable African American employees who consistently strive to lead others, elevate the trade and continue to strengthen workers’ rights for union workers.

Mungu Sanchez, Deputy Political Director for the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters, started his career in politics in his early 20’s working as a staffer for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. During his time there, he quickly realized his political potential and passion for rallying behind important social issues to improve the quality of life for people within his community. He also discovered the saliency of organizing people to effectively open the doors to better opportunities and how politics should always be used as a catalyst for positive change. Mungu quickly became a part of the solution, working closely with communities affected by various socioeconomic issues and as a key player in local government. He has decades of experience with activism and political organization and has had a strong impact in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA.

“My belief is that the lives of all Americans are intricately connected; when you look back on your own history - you will find others with similar stories that tie us all together,” said Sanchez. “It was during my study of enslaved Africans in America that I learned about the Irish Nationalist Daniel O’Connell’s support for the international abolitionist crusade. I learned that during Ireland’s 1845-49 potato famine, donations were sent from slave churches in some of the southern states and a number of Native Americans also sent money to the Irish poor.”

Mungu Sanchez is an experienced advocate for the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters and a strong, passionate political leader who works tirelessly to empower and organize working communities. He continually serves as a prime example of political leadership for NRCC carpenters, middle-class workers and works tirelessly on behalf of urban communities.

Mungu’s passion for strong communities has also helped to improve: public schools and safety; aid infrastructure within neighborhoods; alleviate crime; create job opportunities; and help residents pave their own paths to financial security.

“I’m honored to be in this position at the Council, to have the opportunity to fight for all workers of all nationalities, religions and races and to advance the rights of all middle-class workers in America.”