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Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters Releases First Edition of The Digital Carpenter


July 21, 2017 – Edison, NJ – The Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters (NRCC) has released the first edition of The Digital Carpenter, a magazine featuring news and features on our issues, projects and Union Carpenters. To read The Digital Carpenter, please visit: http://www.northeastcarpenters.org/digitalcarpenter


The 48-page magazine includes informative articles about:

  • Wealth Inequality: Wealth inequality in U.S. rises as union membership declines and Right To Work states increase. (Pages 12-17)
  • Sisters in the Brotherhood Program: Learn about the Sisters in the Brotherhood Program and recent events to promote jobs in construction for women. (Page 19)
  • NRCC’s Ready to Run Program: Are you Ready to Run for public office? Our carpenters hold elected/appointed positions on local/county/state boards, councils and legislative offices throughout the Northeast. We are helping to shape legislation/policies that benefit the hardworking middle class.  (Pages 20-21)
  • Davis-Bacon: It's not a breakfast sandwich; it's a decades-old law that puts money in the pockets of hardworking Americans. (Pages 22-23)
  • 1099 Misclassification/Payroll Fraud: A Stockton University study on employee misclassification/payroll fraud found that NJ's underground construction economy employed 23,000 off the books construction workers. (Pages 24-25)
  • Right to Work: There are 28 Right To Work States and the number grows annually. President Trump and Republican lawmakers also support a Federal Right To Work law. (Pages 26-27)
  • Trump: The First Six Months: Read more about the current U.S. administration’s stance on issues that impacts Labor Unions.  (Pages 28-30)
  • Project Spotlights: From Stockton University's Unified Science Center to the PA Turnpike/Route 95 Interchange, NRCC's Union Carpenters are working on some of the most major projects in our region.  (Pages 35-39)
  • New Training Centers: NRCC is building the largest training center for craftsman on the East Coast to give our apprentice/journeymen carpenters the skills they need in the 21st century construction industry. (Pages 42-45)
  • Clocking Out: Clocking Out: Read the advice from recently retired union carpenters, Thomas Bucco and Daniel Souza. (Page 47)


About the NRCC

The Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters (NRCC) represents nearly 40,000 hardworking men and women in Delaware and New Jersey and portions of Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania. NRCC is one of the largest trade unions on the East Coast. The NRCC equips professional men and women carpenters with the skills, training and quality workmanship that are demanded in today's construction industry. For more information on NRCC, please visit our website: www.northeastcarpenters.org; Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NortheastRegionalCouncilofCarpenters; or Twitter: https://twitter.com/nrccarpenters.

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