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Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters to Hold Rally for New Jersey Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Phil Murphy


Edison, NJ (June 2, 2017) – On Saturday, June 3rd at 8:30 a.m., the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters (NRCC) will hold a rally with more than 300 New Jersey union carpenters to express the organization’s support for Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Phil Murphy.  Murphy is expected to talk at the rally about his support for the State’s unions and protecting workers rights.

Following the rally, union carpenters will conduct “Get Out the Vote” canvassing to encourage citizens throughout New Jersey to vote for Murphy in the June 6th New Jersey Democratic primary. 

“We are a society that used to respect the central role of organized labor and understood how supporting unions meant improved rights and working conditions for all middle-class workers,” said Murphy. “I will be a Governor that believes in supporting unions. I believe that doing so will improve our State economy and lead to good paying jobs for our citizens and new infrastructure that will take our State into the next decade.”

The NRCC was one of the first organizations to endorse Phil Murphy for Governor due his strong beliefs of protecting worker rights issues, investing in new infrastructure and enforcing important issues like payroll fraud.

“Former Ambassador Phil Murphy is the right choice for the State and the right choice of our union for so many reasons,” said John Ballantyne, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of NRCC. “After eight years of failed leadership and lack of Department of Labor enforcement under Governor Chris Christie, we believe that Murphy will bring back to the Statehouse a focus on progressive, pro-union issues that are so important to us.”

Under Governor Christie, worker rights and Department of Labor investigations on the job site were significantly scaled back due to budget cuts at the Department. The cuts effectively cut the legs out of the Department’s enforcement of payroll fraud/1099 misclassification. Under Christie, infrastructure projects like the ARC tunnel between New York and New Jersey were cancelled in 2010 and the Governor held municipalities across the State hostage in the Summer of 2016 when he halted $3.5 billion of non-essential road and rail projects during the discussion on how to fund the Transportation Trust Fund.

“We believe that Murphy will bring to Governor’s office a fresh approach toward building a strong New Jersey economy,” added Ballantyne. “He’ll support the construction of new roads and bridges and push in the Democratic-lead Legislature bills to build new schools, hospitals and university buildings.”


About the NRCC:

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