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In many ways, you could consider Peter J. McGuire, the founder and 1st general secretary of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America (UBCJA), as our first carpenter politician. He was the first to understand what many of us now know in the Brotherhood that if you want to impact change in local, State and Federal Government and influence legislation and policies that protect the hardworking carpenters, you have to be involved. The Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters encourages all of our carpenters to give back and get involved in their community.   

Whether you are Council Representative or working in field as carpenter, your community needs you and your leadership skills. That's why we believe carpenters should get involved in their community in whatever way they can; whether it’s coaching a little league team, volunteering for the fire department or running for public office. By getting involved, you can make sure that the place you live is going in the right direction.

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