Puerto Rico Relief Volunteers

Puerto Rico Relief Volunteers

The Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters is partnering with the New York City District Council of Carpenters and the New England Regional Council to send volunteers to Puerto Rico to help repair roofs.  Our volunteers will be working with the organization HEART 9/11 on disaster relief work.  We are seeking members to volunteer their time and services to help rebuild homes and community establishments that have been devastated by the recent hurricane. 

If you are interested in being considered for volunteering for the Puerto Rico relief effort, please fill out this form

About the Volunteer Opportunity

Ten volunteers -- from the NRCC, NYCDCC, and NERC -- will be sent on weekly trips. These trips will typically be from Wednesday to Sunday or Thursday to Monday.  Due to the ongoing assessment of damages and updates with recovery needs, specific travel dates will be coordinated as available and needed.

Each week, we will review the list of volunteers to fill the slots we have available.  If a volunteer is not available to travel during those specific dates, we will skip over them for that particular trip and reach out to them again for the next trip.

Airfare and lodging will be provided at no cost to the volunteers while they are away on relief efforts.  Currently ALL the flights are on Jet Blue Airlines out of John F. Kennedy Airport in Queens, NY.  We are working on getting future flights out of airports in our different states if possible. Volunteers will most likely only have 48 hours notice about a departure flight.  All volunteers will stay in accommodations arranged by HEART 9/11. 

All 10 volunteers will likely share one large apartment with a few bedrooms. Volunteers need to pack a hammer, tape measure, snips, knife, boots and their tool belts in their checked bag.  All three daily meals will be provided to volunteers.  The sleeping accommodations have very limited running water and electricity.  After this devastating hurricane, living and working conditions in Puerto Rico are difficult.  Volunteers may also want to take about $200 of spending cash for incidentals.  Credit cards and debit cards may not work in all areas. 

This hurricane relief initiative is very specific in scope and all volunteers are expected to adhere to work schedules that are assigned, while complying with the rules of the organization and the NRCC.  All volunteers must be in good standing and active members.  All applications will be subject to review and approval.

For more information on the program, please e-mail: prvolunteers@northeastcarpenters.org.

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