Our Mission

The Sisters in the Brotherhood’s mission is to create a network of active Sisters who will promote the values of leadership, strength and unity within the labor movement. Our valuable mentoring network will provide you with the tools to be confident and successful in a highly competitive industry. We advocate for more involvement from Sisters in all levels of union leadership and activities because when women work, we all benefit.

Our Partnerships

Learn about the pre-apprenticeship agreement the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters ( signed with The Puerto Rican Association for Human Development, Inc. (PRAHD) ( to create a training program that could lead to candidates becoming union apprentice carpenters here, 


About the Sisters in the Brotherhood Program

The New Jersey & New York State Sisters In the Brotherhood Committee has been selected to pilot a women’s recruitment initiative. The focus is on marketing to and creating partnerships with Community Based Organizations as a way to recruit women for careers as union carpenters.The progressiveness and documented success of the NRCC was the primary reason the International selected New Jersey to pilot this new effort. The effort focuses on a recruitment and retention plan designed to increase the diversity of New Jersey’s membership by expanding their woman apprentice enrollment to 10%. A committee of the NRCC has been created to ensure full engagement and thorough outreach efforts within the community.

The NRCC has a demonstrated track record of success with partnerships that include community and faith based organizations within government programs. These initiatives have allowed maximized opportunities to recruit, retain and provide women and other minority group’s career opportunities within the trade. In addition, significant investments have been made to educate and recruit youth and reentry populations on the various occupational choices that fall under the auspices of the NRCC. The progressiveness and documented success of the NRCC was the primary reason the International selected New Jersey to pilot this new effort.  


Join Us



When you join the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters you join a long tradition of craftspeople working together to build a better life.

Download the brochure to learn more and contact Sue Schultz at the Kenilworth, New Jersey Training Center at 732-417-9229, or email her at 


To Apply

New Jersey residents download a Carpenters Union practice test in English and Spanish, and visit the Northeast Carpenters Education and Training Fund website for more information.

New York Residents, click here to view New York State training center contact information. 


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