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Since its founding in 1881, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America have worked tirelessly for the advancement and protection of worker rights. This fight continues today at the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters, where we work daily to protect and advance worker rights on a daily basis in America's corporate boardrooms, state legislative halls and streets. You may have seen us recently on the streets of your local community holding up banners or pickets or distributing handbills to raise public awareness for a project.

We aren't doing this because a project is being built by a non-union company. We are doing it to raise awareness to the fact that the project's general contractor or subcontractor is exploiting its workers, paying them substandard area wages/salaries and not paying them retirement or healthcare benefits. We encourage you to learn more about how we are fighting for strong worker rights and benefits for not only Union Carpenters -- but all hardworking American men and women.

Park And Shore

In July 2017, the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters began a campaign to raise awareness for the business and employment practices of the companies building the new 37-story Park and Shore residential/retail development at 75 Park Lane in Jersey City.


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In towns throughout the Northeast, ALDI has hired a number of contractors and subcontractors to develop and redevelop its stores. These contractors are paying their construction workers low wages and do not offer them health and retirement benefits.


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