The 20th Anniversary of the George H. Laufenberg Scholarship Fund

The 20th Anniversary of the George H. Laufenberg Scholarship Fund


Brothers and Sisters,

This year is the 20th anniversary of the George H. Laufenberg Scholarship Fund.  Founded in 1996, this fund was established as a way to give back to our Carpenter family by lending a helping hand to deserving young men and women so that they may go on to college to achieve their dreams.  Throughout the last 20 years over 400 scholarships, totaling over $2.5 million have been awarded to the children and grandchildren of union carpenters. The recipients of this scholarship have gone on to graduate from MIT, Brown University, Rutgers University, The State University of New York, Duke University, Harvard University, Bucknell University, The College of New Jersey and more.

This scholarship is open to all Northeast Regional Council members throughout New York and New Jersey. For more information on eligibility, or to request an application please call 1-800-624-3096, extension #322, or visit the New Jersey Carpenters Pension Fund website to download a copy of the application ( ).

This is a valuable resource for our membership. If you have eligible members in your family, I urge you to request an application today. The deadline for filing this year’s applications is April 1st, 2015.


Michael Capelli, Executive Secretary-Treasurer